The Department of Travel, Tourism, and Hotel Management at our university is committed to providing students with a conducive learning environment and access to state-of-the-art facilities. We understand the importance of practical training and hands-on experience in the hospitality industry.

At our Department of Travel, Tourism, and Hotel Management, we strive to provide students with a well-rounded education that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience. Our facilities are designed to enhance their learning journey and equip them with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the travel, tourism, and hotel management industry.

Well-furnished Classrooms

Our well-designed classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to enhance your learning experience.Enjoy ample space to move freely and comfortably in our well-lit classrooms. Ergonomically designed chairs ensure optimal posture and comfort during long study sessions.

Mock Hotel Rooms

We have mock hotel rooms designed to replicate the atmosphere and setup of a real hotel. Students can familiarize themselves with hotel operations, housekeeping procedures, and guest service protocols. This allows them to gain practical experience in maintaining and managing hotel rooms to ensure guest satisfaction.

Computer Labs

Our computer labs are equipped with industry-standard software and applications relevant to the travel, tourism, and hotel management field. Students have access to reservation systems, property management software, and other technology platforms commonly used in the industry.

Tourism Resource Center

Our department boasts a dedicated tourism resource center where students can access a vast collection of books, journals, research papers, and industry reports related to travel and tourism. This resource center serves as a hub for students to stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the field.

Industry Partnerships

Our department has established partnerships with various hotels, resorts, travel agencies, and tourism organizations. These partnerships provide opportunities for students to participate in industry placements, internships, and industry-specific training programs, allowing them to gain practical exposure and build industry connections.

Campus-Wide Coverage

Stay connected wherever you go on campus. Our Wifi network covers classrooms, common areas, libraries, and even outdoor spaces, ensuring continuous access to information and collaboration opportunities.

100% Placement Assistance

We are proud to offer 100% placement assistance to our students, ensuring that each graduate has the best opportunities to kickstart their career in the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. Our dedicated career support team works tirelessly to guide and support you throughout your academic journey and beyond.

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